SAP at CHI 2005 in Portland, Oregon

By Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, SAP AG – March 31, 2005

"Technology, Safety, Community" is the motto for this year's CHI conference. Conference chair Gerrit van der Veer binds these topics together: "Our conference theme points at the challenge for technology to make people feel safe again, and to support a safe community worldwide." He highlights the professional CHI community's responsibility for the shaping of a safe future. According to van der Veer, many people have lost trust in technology in the past and concludes: "Technology should be designed in such a way that it reinforces a sense of community and allows people to feel safe again."

The CHI 2005 logo, motto, and conference data

Figure 1: The CHI 2005 logo, motto, and conference data (from CHI 2005 Website)

The feeling of safety starts – at least for the conference – with its location: The CHI 2005 conference will take place in Portland, Oregon, which has consistently been rated one of the most livable cities in America. As always, the CHI conference, taking place from April 2 to 7, 2005, will be the meeting and melting point for user experience professionals from all continents – as well as a growing number of students who are discovering their dedication to this exciting field.

For three years in a row, SAP has had a strong presence at CHI and, as in last's years conference in Vienna, is a Champion Sponsor in 2005. SAP will be offering exciting user experience job opportunities at its recruiting booth in the conference commons. In addition, SAP will organize a hospitality event on the second evening of the conference. So, come by SAP's booth and hospitality event and discuss SAP's exciting job opportunities in the UI field with its user experience professionals!

Last but not least, CHI 2005 visitors should also take the chance to explore Portland. Situated at the Columbia river (not too far away from the Columbia River Gorge) and towered above by magnificent Mount Hood (an ancient volcano of more than 3400 meters height) there is plenty to see.

Downtown Portland with Mount Hood

Figure 2: Downtown Portland with Mount Hood (from CHI 2005 Website)

The city itself attracts visitors with its many parks and gardens and – a must for bookworms – is home to one of the largest independent book store in the U.S.. CHI 2005 visitors can take part in two walking tours that "showcase downtown Portland's architecture and artwork, or the many different kinds of bridges over the Willamette River." For those who do not need to return home immediately after the conference, bus tours to the Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge and either a winery or Mount Hood can be booked.

See you at SAP's recruiting booth, the SAP hospitality event, or anytime during the CHI 2005 conference!


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