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By Gerd Waloszek, SAP User Experience, SAP AG – July 7, 2011

Gerd WaloszekIn this summer editorial, I would like to draw our readers' attention to two events: Firstly, to the two paper sessions at the DUXU 2011 conference that are being organized by SAP UX members and that already appeared in our SAP UI News; secondly, to the publication of our highlight topic, "Designing for a Sustainable Future", which has already been released – at an early stage – to support one of the two DUXU 2011 sessions, namely the one focusing on sustainability.


Paper Sessions at DUXU 2011 with SAP Participation

DUXU (International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability) is a new conference that is being held under the umbrella of the HCI International 2011 conference. Aaron Marcus from Aaron Marcus & Associates (or AM+A, for short) is organizing this first DUXU conference and will also organize the next one, which will be held in 2013. The HCI International 2011 conference will be held in Orlando, USA, from July 9-14, 2011 with the DUXU sessions to be held on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

HCII2011 logo and SAP UX panel organizers

Figure 1: The SAP UX organizers of the two DUXU sessions: Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Christine Ronnewinkel, and Janaki Kumar

Initial contact between Aaron Marcus and SAP User Experience was established at the 2010 UPA International Conference in Munich, Germany, when Marcus stopped by at the SAP booth and talked with Christine Ronnewinkel about a possible cooperation. As a result, Marcus invited SAP User Experience to organize two paper sessions at the new DUXU 2011 conference. Sabine Kabel-Eckes and Christine Ronnewinkel, who then got Janaki Kumar on board, agreed to organize and chair the sessions, which are entitled:

  • Promoting Design Quality, Design Culture and Innovative Thinking within the Enterprise (chair: Sabine Kabel-Eckes)
  • Sustainability: Future Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities for the HCI Profession (chairs: Christine Ronnewinkel, Janaki Kumar)

The latter topic, in particular, has already been covered in several keynotes held by Dan Rosenberg, SVP, SAP User Experience (see references). Regrettably, Sabine Kabel-Eckes will not be able to take part in the session that she has organized. Her SAP UX colleague Melanie Siegmann will fill in for her. Details about the sessions and participants can be found on our news page.

A number of other SAP UX colleagues will contribute papers to the sessions, as well as professionals from other companies. Conference organizer Aaron Marcus will – together with two colleagues – contribute a paper to the sustainability session.

Furthermore, Ulrich Kreichgauer, who leads the team that is dedicated to usability and accessibility standards at SAP, will present a paper about the relationship between ISO standards and standard software at the "ISO Usability Standards and Enterprise Software" session chaired by Anna Wichansky from Oracle. Inc. Ulrich has many years of experience in usability standards and was the first person to officially address the topic of usability at SAP.


Highlight Topic: "Designing for a Sustainable Future"

In addition, I would like to point our readers to our new highlight topic, "Designing for a Sustainable Future". The main reason for assembling this collection of articles was to promote the above-mentioned sustainability session with SAP User Experience participation at the DUXU 2011 conference. But this highlight topic is not only intended to support the session and to promote it by making the professional design public aware of it. It is also meant to complement the session with further articles and information, including a selection of related links and a glossary, and, last but not least, to offer sustainability-related information on the SAP Design Guild Website in one location for easier access.

Because the DUXU 2011 session is topical right now, we decided to publish the highlight topic at an early stage, that is, with a relatively small number of articles. We hope to extend the collection in the course of the following months. Once again, we hope that offering related articles in one place will make it easier for our visitors to catch up on a certain field of interest. And naturally, we hope that you will find the articles in this highlight topic both useful and interesting to read.

As a starter, you may want to read this article: Introducing the Highlight Topic "Sustainability".






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