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Updated: October 22, 2013

The Stories section offers a growing selection of articles centered around reports and projects from the UI and graphic design field.


Recent Additions

Evolution of SAP's UX Strategy

SAP's UX StrategyOctober 22, 2013: For one year now, SAP has been running a work group which is working intensively on SAP's user experience strategy. The resulting UX strategy was defined and published in April this year and after another round with the work group has now been updated with a new iteration that is presented in this article.


New Online Courses by the Interaction Design Foundation

September 6, 2013: The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is kicking off their new course platform with 6 full courses. All courses are online, self-paced, visually-oriented, interactive and social. Topics are related to UX and Design Thinking. The first courses are starting in less than 2 weeks on Thursday the 19th of September.


Crossing the World on Bike to Improve User Experience and Education

Kicking off the June 25, 2013: The "Share the Knowledge Tour" is a 35,000 Mile / 55,000 Km Bike Ride with the mission to improve user experience and create equal access to education. SAP is the prime sponsor of this tour and is arranging tour stops at SAP University Alliances member universities and at SAP Offices. The tour was kicked off at the SAPPHIRE conference in Orlando.


SAP's UX Strategy

SAP's UX StrategyMay 22, 2013: Read about our new user experience strategy in an article by Esther Blankenship, User Experience Evangelist at SAP. You can also download a short brochure describing the strategy, which consists of the three pillars: new, renew, and enable.


SAP Sponsorship Provides Free Textbooks that Enable Better Software Design

IDF logoApril 5, 2013: Recently, it has been announced that SAP has become prime sponsor of the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). The IDF executive board, authors and foundation members are among the top and most influential professionals in the global User Experience community.


When Social Gets Serious

The SAP Social OnDemand teamOctober 12, 2012: A multidisciplinary product team used design thinking to create an integrated, end-to-end solution for customer service agents working with social media and traditional online contact channels. The solution, SAP Social OnDemand, delivers user interface innovations to make customer service agents more effective.


CHI 2012 – A Collection of Trip Reports

CHI 2012July 4, 2012: Here is a collection of personal trip reports of CHI 2012, which took place in Austin, Texas, in May 2012. The main trip report was written by Janaki Kumar. We also added two more reports, one by Fatimah Shahid and a short one by Muktha Hiremath and Visvapriya Sathiyam.


Visualizing the Future

Mobile apps on a tabletJune 13, 2012: Visual analytics is what makes data useful in the hands of decision makers. SAP’s John Armitage talks about new and creative ways of displaying information.


A Mobile App and User Experience Success Story

EMR screenMay 31, 2012: SAP Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a natively built mobile application that gives healthcare professionals instant access to the electronic medical patient records available in a hospital. Using SAP EMR, physicians can view relevant patient information on their iPads at the point of care – such as a patient's bed – during a ward round. Physicians can get an instant clinical overview as well as browse detailed findings, charts, images, progress notes, cumulative lab results, coded diagnoses, and procedure information. Read more about SAP EMR in Clarissa Goetz's article.


The Beauty of SAP ByDesign

ByD screens on various platformsMay 24, 2012: For companies that want the benefits of a large-scale business management solution without the large-scale effort, SAP Business ByDesign is the perfect solution, especially for growing midsize companies – and it is a cloud-based solution that is easy to access via Web browsers and mobile devices. Read more about ByD in Sonja Lauth's article.


Young, Mobile, and App-fluent

TabletMay 3, 2012: As product manager for one of SAP's hottest mobile apps, Rebekka Koehnen knows the importance of designing software for the "Mobile Natives". She shares her insights.


Interaction 2012 – Again, a UI Design Practitioner's Report

Congress Centre DublinApril 26, 2012: 2011 was a year without any conference visits for our author and, consequently, he did not contribute any new conference reports to the SAP Design Guild Website. In February 2012, however, he had the unexpected opportunity to attend the Interaction 2012 conference in Dublin, Ireland. Here is his "practitioner's" report on it.


Transformative User Experience – Beyond Packaged Design

Markus Latzina and Joerg BeringerApril 3, 2012: In this article, the authors, Markus Latzina and Joerg Beringer from SAP, discuss the conception of Transformative User Experience and apply it to the user interface itself. They conclude that this is a promising conception for bridging the omnipresent chasm between the levels of content-agnostic operating systems on the one hand, and packaged applications on the other.





















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