Leading Article and Introduction

The following articles provide an overview of the field, and offer background information and links to information resources.

All About Branding

The articles in this group cover more general aspects of branding including visual design issues.


Branding – Making a Mark on the Collective Consciousness

Previous Editions: Edition 6 – published February 21, 2003 • see the disclaimer below

This sixth edition of the SAP Design Guild focuses on branding. At SAP, this issue is intimately coupled with one of SAP's major product offerings, the mySAP Enterprise Portal.

decoration imageThree introductory articles set the stage for the "branding" edition: Our leading article is a survey of the history of product branding at SAP. Further articles define what branding means – including a branding glossary – and offer useful links to various information resources.

The second section of this edition offers articles from designers, including an article from frogdesign, a company that has over the years significantly contributed to SAP's branding activities. There are several articles on branding and visual branding and one more that looks at branding in the software field – from operating systems to applications and finally to business applications. We supplement these articles with an article that takes a somewhat uncommon look at branding.

Finally, the third section of this edition deals with branding the mySAP Enterprise Portal. Here you find an article that looks closer at SAP's primary tool for branding the Portal, the SAP Theme Editor. And last but not least, several articles present experience reports from SAP consultants involved in customer portal branding projects.

All in all, this edition presents a good balance of general articles on branding and of articles that deal with the specifics of branding the mySAP Enterprise Portal. Enjoy diving into the current edition.

Read the leading article The History of Product Branding at SAP from Esther Blankenship


Disclaimer: Please note that this edition was written in 2003. Therefore, statements in the articles, particularly those regarding SAP's products, product strategy, and organizational structure, may no longer be valid.


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