Universal Usability

Special: Highlight Topic 1 – published December 10, 2007; updated March 4, 2010

Curb cut - often used as analogy by proponents of universal usabilityWe would like to start a new tradition on the SAP Design Guild Website. With a "Highlight Topic" we intend to offer articles which have already been published on our Website and relate to a common topic, presented anew within a coherent framework. We hope that having the articles in one place will make it easier for our visitors to catch up on a certain topic from the UI field.

We begin with a selection of articles centered on the topic "Universal Usability." We have already published three articles on universal usability:

  • main article Universal Usability
  • book review of Universal Usability
  • book review of Access by Design

We complement these three pieces with additional information from previous accessibility editions, hoping that our visitors will find them also useful in the context of Universal Usability and its related concepts, Universal Access and Universal Design. The information covers topics such as universal design, assistive technology, information equivalence, and an introduction to visual impairments.

Last but not least, we added two new pages to the "Highlight Topic" collection: One is a collection of references and links that will allow our visitors to delve more deeply into the field of Universal Usability. The second is a start to a Universal Usability glossary (see also our much more extended accessibility glossary for further terms). The glossary is still in progress – if you have any suggestions for terms that we should include in the glossary or links that we should include in the link list, please let us know.

By the way, if you would like to contribute to this highlight topic, either by providing additional links or glossary entries, or by offering an article for publication, let us know. We would also publish relevant articles that have already been published elsewhere. In this case, we need permission from the original publisher.

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