Information Visualization

Special: Highlight Topic 4 – published September 5, 2013; updated November 26, 2013

SpiralWe would like to continue the tradition of publishing highlight topics on the SAP Design Guild Website with a collection of articles focusing on information visualization. This emerging field has recently attracted a great deal of attention in the world of design – reason enough to highlight it on the SAP Design Guild Website. Once again, we hope that offering related articles in one place will make it easier for our visitors to catch up on a certain topic.

Information visualization is closely related to scientific visualization, but we would like to draw your attention to the key aspects in which the two directions differ:

  • Scientific visualization is based on data that has a correspondence to physical space (typically, it is closely related to mathematical models) such as geophysical data.
  • Information visualization refers to abstract data such as demographic or economic data that typically has no correspondence to physical space.

However, apart from this, there is little difference between the two directions, particularly when it comes to their representations and interactions. We would also like to point out that we do not wish to be too restrictive in this highlight topic as regards the various visualizations types. We therefore include articles about data visualization, that is, about the design of charts and graphs, and about using visualizations for network analysis.

You may have noticed that book reviews play an important role in this highlight topic. Over the years, we have accumulated more than ten reviews of visualization-related books on this site, and we offer all of them here. In addition, we include two articles providing overviews of books about information and data visualization, as well as a list of books covering various visualization-related aspects.

A few articles were not complete at the time of publication: We add them to the collection later.

Finally, we would like to suggest that, as "appetizers," you may like to the article Introducing the Highlight Topic "Information Visualization" for a quick overview of this highlight topic and the article Introduction to Information Visualization to familiarize yourself with the topic.


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