About the SAP Design Guild

Updated: April 20, 2011

Dear visitors,

User-centered design of business applications is fundamental to SAP's software approach. Hence the existence of the SAP Design Guild, a Website published by SAP's Central UX team. This Website is dedicated exclusively to demonstrating this commitment and sharing knowledge with the user interface community at large.


SAP Design Guild Website


The SAP Design Guild is a stage for UI people: Here they can exchange information and opinions on visual and user interface design issues. In addition, SAP offers its design resources here, be it style guides, methods, or insights on how a user-centered development process should be carried out and how the mind change within a company towards user-friendly software can be facilitated.

It comprises five main areas – Home & Services, Resources, Editions, Community, and Goodies – that allow you access to guidelines and articles about user interface design.

  • The Home & Services area provides a lot of useful information around the SAP Design Guild, SAP User Experience, and SAP, including site tips, article lists and job offers in the User Experience area.
  • The Resources section comprises the more or less stable part of the SAP Design Guild, the design resources. Here, visitors can access cookbooks, toolkits and style guides covering every aspect of the software design of the SAP product family.
  • The Editions section presents our editions, which typically appear once a year. Here, contributors from outside and inside SAP dedicate articles to a certain topic that is "hot" in the SAP or UI community. In so-called Highlight Topics we also collect existing articles under a common topical framework.
  • Community is our active stage. There, you will find, for example, an Events page, Editorials, Stories, Design Tidbits, UI Design Blinks, and a Books & People corner.
  • The Goodies section offers link collections, glossaries, a glimpse of the SAP UI history, desktop motives, and other useful stuff.

The aim of this Website is to centralize design expertise and to make it available to everyone. SAP has set the ball rolling by publishing its own knowledge and experience and cordially invites you to share your ideas.

Sincerely, Your SAP Design Guild Team



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