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Updated: July 18, 2013

This page informs about design and user experience at SAP.


Design and Frontline Apps

The Design and Front Line Apps team, headed by Sam Yen, supports and guides design-driven product development across SAP with a team of interaction designers, visual designers, and user researchers addressing all aspects of user experience. The team also develops applications that enrich the way millions of people work and live and help businesses connect directly to these consumers.

SAP's Central UX team, which is part of the Design and Frontline Apps team, publishes the SAP Design Guild Website and the SAP User Experience Community.

About Sam Yen, Head of Design and Frontline Apps

Sam Yen, SAP's global head of design and user experience

Sam Yen, Head of Design and Frontline Apps

Prior to taking on his current role as global head of design and user experience, Sam led the SAP AppHaus, an innovation team tasked with building new solutions, establishing new markets, and reaching new users for SAP.

Sam initially joined SAP as a senior member of the Design Services Team, a multi-disciplinary group in the Office of the CEO tasked with accelerating the adoption of Design Thinking as a process for innovation and development of internal and external SAP products.

Before joining SAP, Sam was co-founder of Covigna, Inc., an enterprise software company that delivered contract management solutions. Sam is a native of San Francisco and has a Ph.D. in Design Theory and Methodology from Stanford University.


Join SAP's Design and User Experience Professionals!

If you want to make a direct impact on the design of SAP's products, join SAP's design and user experience professionals!

We are looking for top creative and social science talent from around the world for the following positions:

  • Interaction Designers
  • User Researchers
  • Visual Designers

Go For more information, see www.careersatsap.com or contact SAP at careers@sap.com. You may also have a look at the job offers page on this site for details on howe to apply for a job at SAP.



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